Road Freight Services

Break Bulk transportation

We specialise with transportation of non-hazardous break bulk goods by road. The type of transportation we use for transportation of our clients products include: 

–  curtain side

–  drop side 

– flat-bed

– temperature controlled

– box trucks.

Fronthaul & Backhaul

Our transportation and pricing system allows us to cater for single trips and return trips.

Fronthaul is a single trip, that is,  one way transportation  goods.

We also load goods back from our offloading destination. this is known as backhauling.

Short-haul and Long-haul Transportation

Short hauls (short distance) transportation by road is faster and less costly than other modes of transport.

Long-Haul (long distance) transportation allows us to cover wide geographical areas. 

It offers flexibility and is the most effective mode of transportation between land locked countries in Africa.

it allows route change and is easy to manage.


Economy, overnight and emergency services

We transport goods based on the customer requirements. Economy services allows us to consolidate goods offers affordable rates. 

Overnight and emergency services are offered to the clients who needs goods over a short space of time. This is a premium service and allows express service.